Origins of Growcision

The problems facing the farmer in California are high cost of labor combined with greater food needs. As a farmer I know the important job we face of doubling food production over the next 30 years on the same amount of land. This is where technology comes into play. Precision agriculture is the practice of applying inputs only where and when they are needed. For the farmer this saves time and money as well as stress on the natural world around us. Remote sensing is how this data to make these decisions is collected. Satellites, aircraft and UAVs take pictures using a range of cameras. Red green blue (RGB), normalized vegetation difference index (NVDI), infrared (IR) and visual (HD) cameras are used to capture the information provided by the field. This information that is gathered by the grower via drone is analyzed by a laptop on site.

The young farmer recognizes this strength provided by early use of drones. As a result, many young farmers have an advantage over older farmers in data collection. However, this new use of drones is exactly that, its new. So what happens is this young farmer gets ahold of a drone flies it around and looks at stuff. This is great and can save time but you are using a drill as a paper weight. What the young farmer does not realize is that there are so many more uses for this new tool they have acquired. The goal of our team at Growcision is to provide services and expertise to farmers young and old to meet the demands of the future.

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